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        By focusing on main expressway transportation, Zhito develops J7 L3/L4 intelligent truck based on FAW JIEFANG J7 traction vehicle platform so as to realize automatic driving on the expressways. Simultaneously, functions like operation scheduling, health management and operation & maintenance service can be achieved on the FAW JIEFANG intelligent vehicle operation and scheduling platform.

        Thus the operation safety of the high-speed main expressway transportation can be significantly improved and the transportation cost can be significantly reduced, which will provide assistance in FAW JIEFANG’s transformation to a smart logistics solution supplier.


        By focusing on environmental sanitation and logistics scenarios, based on safe, mature and reliable vehicle-platform of JIEFANG , Zhito is developing the customized intelligent products to satisfy the park demands. These products can realize systematic packaged services in the environmental sanitation scenarios like road cleaning, clearing and provide point-to-point logistics transportation service in the logistics scenario. Through the autonomous advanced intelligent technologies and unified operation and scheduling platform of Zhito, efficient operation of the park is realized and a green, intelligent and network-linked new ecology of park is created.  


        By focusing on port scenario and?with consideration of?service conditions of?container trucks at the port, Zhito specially develops low-cost, low fuel consumption and high-performance intelligent vehicle products?for port use?based on the mature FAW JIEFANG vehicle platform. These products integrate vehicle-grade intelligent driving hardware sensors and?leading domestic unmanned driving technology, which helps to?realize high-precision positioning and automatic operation. Zhito independently develops its own driverless port vehicle operation and dispatching platform?and seamlessly connect it with port TOS system so as to provide a full-stack port unmanned truck solution.?


        Relying on the FAW JIEFANG vehicle platform, Zhito has developed intelligent mine services to provide mines with complete intelligent driverless production vehicle cluster and cloud intelligent operation & maintenance platform. Besides, Zhito deeply studies vehicle-end and cloud-end perception as well as intelligent decision control technology so as to comprehensively  improve safety and economy of mine production. 

        Drive-by-Wire Chassis

        Zhito will provide ecological partners and all customers within the industry with high-quality, high-safety and high-reliability drive-by-wire chassis and complete intelligent vehicle products as well as the maintenance and upgrade service for the whole life circle.

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